White Wine                                                                                                                                                                                            

  • Pinot Grigio Botter 
    175ml: £6.60
    250ml:  £7.80
    Bottle: £23.00

Italy’s most famous wine, made with Pinot Grigio grapes from Sicily, this is a well balanced wine with hints of fruit from acidity. The winery  is now run by the 3rd generation of the Botter family and expertly maintains old Italian wine making traditions whilst utilising modern techniques and equipment.


  • Vignoble du Sud Sauvignon Blanc 
    175ml: £6.30
    Bottle: £21.50

From the South of France, this Sauvignon Blanc has the classic flavours of refreshing citrus fruits and gooseberries, balanced with a little acidity. Ideal as a drink on its own or with light foods.


  • Señora Rosa Chardonnay    
    175ml: £6.00
    250ml: £7.20
    Bottle: £20.00

From the central valley in Chile, this modern style Chardonnay is light gold in colour and bursting with ripe peach and tropical fruit and a hint of vanilla. A medium bodied wine, perfect as an aperitif or with meat, salad or seafood.


  • Chateau Belingard    
    Bottle: £28.00

From the slopes of the Dordogne valley near Bordeaux, this estate named after Belin, the Celtic God of the sun, this Bergerac blanc is dry, light and crisp, making it ideal with fish or shell fish.


  • Chablis Domaine de Columbier  
    Bottle: £37.50

This family owned estate has been established since 1887, being handed down from generation to generation. Now focusing entirely on Chablis with 100% Chardonnay vines on the 55 hectare estate, this wine is crisp and flinty with a slightly honeyed finish.

Red Wine                                                                                      

  • Vignoble du Sud Merlot
    175ml: £6.30
    250ml: £7.50
    Bottle: £21.50

From the south of France, this is a well structured Merlot, easy drinking with nice ripe soft fruit. Head winemaker Delphine Glangetaz is justifiably proud of this wine, equally suitable with or without food.


  • Goye Malbec
    175ml: £6.80
    250ml: £7.95
    Bottle: £24.50

Dating back to the 1860’s the family run estate in San Rafael Mendoza are now in the hands of the 4th and 5th generations. The Malbec is full of good fruit and rich flavours combined with tannins to give a lovely well bodied structure.


  • Mazets Cotes du Rhone                                  
    175ml: £6.70
    250ml: £7.80
    Bottle: £23.00

This blend of Grenache and Syrah, the indigenous varietals in the Rhone valley, give delicious dark bramble and blackcurrant flavours, juicy tannins and a slightly peppery finish.


  • The Bean Pinotage                                 
    Bottle: £28.50

No coffee beans are used in production of this wine from Stellenbosch, but the dark berry fruit flavours combined with the maturing in French Oak, give a wonderful vanilla and coffee flavour along with a silky finish and a hint of tannin.


  • Beronia Rioja Crianza   
    Bottle: £32.50

 Bodegas Beronia, with Oenologist Matias Calleja at the helm, is an innovative producer of modern style Rioja. The Crianza is aged for 12 months in a barrel and a further 12 in a bottle before release. It has aromas of vanilla, raspberry and cherry with a fresh and fruity palate and powerful finish.


  • St Emilion Chateau Petit Bois   
    Bottle: £35.95

From the heart of the Bordeaux region, St Emilion wines come from the north bank of the Dordogne which has oceanic and temperature climate which gives the perfect ripening conditions in the autumn. The Petit Bois has a rich, red fruit aroma that is bursting with cherries and wild berries on a palate.

Rosé Wine 

  • Pinot Grigio Blush Botter
    175ml: £6.60
    250ml: £7.80
    Bottle: £23.00

Dry, soft and well balanced, this light colour rose has an elegant bouquet with notes of acacia flowers. The Sicilian grapes give a round and full bodied flavour.